Why do I want to do it with Karolina?

Because she likes adventures and the challenges to set tough goals.

This outlook steers her onto certain paths, to take particular courses of action, motivates her immensely and puts the cornerstones for her daily routine in place.

She is hardworking and eager to overcome barriers. She gets up at 4:30 AM every day to do her training! She always cycle to the office whatever the weather – even if it's snowing heavily or pouring with rain.

She is tough. Her end goal is always to get done what she sets out to do. Small things make her happy, small achievements push her forward.

She doesn´t panic when she fails; she just tries to get up, carry on again and  go even further. She knows that life might be just a moment and she wants to use this the best way she can.

She tries to live her life as if each day could be the last. This is how she makes dreams come true.

"I've run over 30 marathons and half marathons, and taken part in some really challenging races, such as the Tatra Road Race and a series of triathlons of various lengths, This year I finished Ironman 70,3 in Gdynia with a very good result (less than 5:30h)." Karolina says.

She has two beautiful and very smart children, this year I finished Ironman 70,3 in Gdynia with a very good result (less than 5:30h)." Karolina says.

She has two beautiful and very smart children, aged 12 and 6.

Karolina wants to show them that if you really want something in your life you can do it. She wants to tell them that everything is possible, "just take things into your hands, take one step at a time…. and you will get there".

Last but not least…

So far, no Polish woman has ever swum the Strait of Gibraltar and this is one of our swimming challenges – so, why not be the first?


Why do I want to do it with Marina?

Because she is a true friend and there is a genuine, incredibly special connection between us.

She’s my soulmate. She’s like my sister.

Sometimes in your life you meet someone and you just know this is HIM or HER. I have this feeling with Marina.

Nothing makes me more pleased than to see her doing well, and I am more than happy to take my own time and energy to help her make it happen.

We met each other at one of London’s Midnight Runners training; we were running the same pace and started chatting about Life. And that's how it started. Then I invited her to Warsaw to do the Triathlon 5150. A year later we did it again with better results.

We also ran a half marathon in Luxembourg, finishing hand in hand.

This year we decided to take part in our very first aquathlon in southern Spain and… we won it!

Every time we meet, we always train together – swim or run.

Although she is much younger than I am, she inspires me a lot and make me stronger. I feel totally safe with her and I know she will never let me down. I know that I can only do this kind of challenge with HER.

What's more, I know that together we can empower other women to take on their own challenges and achieve them, just as we have already. 

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