BOSPHORUS. From Asia to Europe


20th of July

Karolina and Cezary are flying from Poland and Marina from Spain to meet for the most exciting chapter of this incredible project.  

Istanbul is full of life. Looks like a 24h city under our eyes. Noise, different smells, yellow taksi invading the streets, tourists...and it is only 11pm. This is how we call it, a good start.

21st of July

It is only 10am and we have decided to go and try the best Turskish coffee. Speechless we ended up. This "Australian" coffee shop had the best and most delicious variety of all. We also inclued to our breakfast, a juice, massive bowl of granola, toasts, ice cream.... No regreats!

All packed, ready in the taxi and off to the celebration´s point to pick up our registration number etc.

What a surprise we had!. Bosphorus Intercontinental Swim was super well organized that day. We managed to get our bags, took some pics and explore our starting point from where everything would start the following day. Previously, I will say that if it´s not becuase our friend Kenan, this would not have been possible. The amount of times I called the organization to confirm they received my second envelope as the first one got lost, it´s unknown. Also, will say that everytime I called, noone spoke English, so I had to wait until the only one who did was available in the office. 

A part from that crazy three weeks, they were very helpful at the end and after.

Once we arrived at the celebration´s place, there was a tour included in a ferry where they were going to explain us the route and also how to make it possible with the strong current. We loved that cruise. We will not forget those men who were on their 80´s and they swam that strait at least 25 times. So inspiring. They gave us the best advice and also invited us to come back next year and to stay at their place. So nice!.

Istanbul is a stunning capital as I said before. It is a MUST place to visit. The Bazar was..... no words. My stomach was full of "free" delicious food.

Go to bed around 11pm and bags ready to go.


22nd of July

Alarm rang at 6am. Karolina prepared the breakfast and at 7.00am Cezary, Karolina and I took a taxi to go. Were we nervous? Don´t think so. I belive it was more about the happiness, we looked relaxed or that is what people suggested to us. 

Are you ready? I AM. Let´s jump together.


Karolina and I jumped into the Bosphorus Strait with a huge smile shown in our face and our heart rate over the cloud. It´s happening. We are here, we are swimming. Let´s do it. For PROJECT LUCHA, for all the women and men in the world. Let´s show them how we rock and how capable we are. Unstoppable.

I followed all the navigation advise that the experts told us to do. Cold current always, swim in the middle of the bridge, no right, no left, just in the middle. Swim towards the Turkish flag or the tower of the castle as a reference...and keep swimming. Once you pass the tiny island in the middle of the Strait, not before, not after, 300m later start swimming in diagonal...this is the hardest part. Obviously, we did all, but the current pushed us too far away. We weren´t nervous... we moved to Plan B. As soon as I saw the yellow balloons, and we passed them (which meant the finish line) we started swimming in diagonal. Why? There was another cold current which was gonna push us back and to the finish line. 

We flew. And we knew that what we did it was the same tactic as the American guy who won the race. Up stairs. And that´s it. We did it. We made it possible. Tears, hugs, smiles....

Cezary was there to immortalize the moment. We were so happy. This was the first chapter of our incredible story. The beginning of something big. Dream big and you will go further. 


Project Lucha started a year ago, and we want to say thank you so much to each person who has been helping and supporting us to make this happen. Thank you from the deepest side of our hearts. We really love you. 


Thanks to this project we are helping PROJECT AWARE, raising money to support them in their cause, cleaning the oceans. Do you want to help and take part of a revolution project? Do you want to do something good for the planet and you don´t know where to start from? 

Here is the key:





Marina Martinez Sanchez