Midnight Runners

What is it?


Before to explain what is Midnight Runners, I will add that Karolina and Marina met thanks to it. An amazing community of runners with the aim to be more social, get to know more people and get fit. 

Midnight Runners as Greg Drach (co-founder) said "was kind of created as a mistake. Two friends (Greg and Christian (co-founder)), motivated to run marathons but unmotivated by long work hours and the British winter decided that running together, that social commitment to meet up, was the only way to train".

After posting their first run on meetup.com, 13 strangers become 13 happy runners. Since then, the group started to grow and to grow and grow until a max number of 500 participants. Yes, 500. Just to say, this group is made by people who after an amazing and fulfilling experience with MR bring their own friends and those friends invite more friends and so on...

In February 2016, Karolina came to London to meet her brother Greg. As the sportive woman she is, Tuesday night was on her bucket list but also a Friday theme run organized by this community of runners. Marina was there too, and as the soul sisters they are now, the destiny managed to let them know each other. They chatted a lot that night, sharing thousands of experiences, dreams, goals, future plans, swimming challenges...so Karolina suggested Marina to join her in a triathlon in Warsaw. "Why not? Let's do it".

Two years after, another triathlon, and lots of much more memorable moments that they become unconditional friends. They found the inspiration in each other and a beautiful friendship and balance full of new projects.

One road trip with the whole family to South of Spain, and PROJECT LUCHA was born. The Strait of Gibraltar was there, and also the dream to swim it one day. If other people has done it before, we will do it too.

Adding into that, they won't swim just one single Strait, they will swim between continents as a way to encourage other women like them to achieve their goals and to follow their dreams through sports. "We believe that everything is possible, dreams can be achieved but you need to fight for it and be happy on the way. You have the skills and tools to make it happen".

If you want to keep on the loop and see what these two amazing women are achieving, take a look into their Facebook page: Project Lucha and Instragram: @projectlucha . 

Fancy to meet lots of inspiring people as Karolina and Marina? Join Midnight Runners in London, Berlin, Barcelona and Boston.

Download the app to participate in their events -> https://my-crew.app.link/DyQpeSFxTI and click on their website for all the info: http://midnightrunners.com/

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Photo by Daniel Varga photography (@daniel.varga12)