Remember that it´s okay to take care of yourself first


Today, the blog goes about me, myself and I.

The reality is that I am with flu for a week now and this sucks as I am a super active and non-stopping person. So trying to find the positive side of my condition, I decided to take a look again to Kaila Itsines´s book that my inspiring friend Csilla Vanilla gave me for my 29th birthday.

About Kaila, I have always watched her videos on social media, and all the positive results that she brings to her clients. Definitely, she is doing something GREAT for part of the society who cares and is more conscious about health and fitness.

PEOPLE, we have one life, that is true and we have to live it, (of course) but feet on the ground.

Sat on my coach (quite a weird thing for me) and after finishing some reports, I needed a bit of inspiration. Somehow, reading Kaila Itsines´s book, the picture above came up,

"Remember that it´s okay to take care of yourself first". 

And that simple sentence full of power made me think. Who is guilty of not doing it? I AM. But after defining my 2018 goals today, this is on my TOP TEN of the list and also I underlined it as priority. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.

I am on the need to look after myself more. Is there any wellbeing course for this? 

All my friends say the same, same question, same comments, same answers and believe me, they are all RIGHT. So easy to hear and so difficult to put it on practice. 

Time to restart.

This time of the YEAR 2018 is almost filled up with lots of exciting activities so we need to be 150% healthy.

My commitment today, 20:42 pm (UK time) is to make an effort to create better habits, be realistic and don´t push myself to the limit when my body says ENOUGH, listen to it and love it. 

Greg asked me a question today, "Do you wanna live longer and healthier?" Stop now and think. 


Marina Martinez Sanchez