If you are not from UK, you might not know what is Blue Monday, or maybe you do due to the amount of publicity that this day has mysteriously. Blue Monday is based on wikipedia a "Monday in January, typically the third Monday of the month, that is characterised as the most depressing day of the year".

My day started pretty bad, as I am still recovering from a bad flu, so my school sent me back home as per healthy reasons I cannot keep teaching. Argument which I completely understand. So today is my reflective time of the year, where I will use it on positive thoughts, new ideas, new plans, new activities...where I see myself in 2018 or what will make myself happier. Today is going to be my BLUE-INSPIRING MONDAY.

Let´s see what we can do for ourselves today

Once you switch on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..etc), all about this day jumps on your screen, but how to avoid the contagious negativity that Blue Monday supposedly brings?

Just only because I am still ill and in bed, I had the chance to do some research through the most well-known and trending pages. If you believe in this, it might help you, if you don´t as I do, keep rocking as you always do. There are bad days and good days, but all depends on YOU and your way of living.


  • Eat Vitamin D

  • Go for a run for 20-60 mins or another kind of exercise that motivates you ( It can be anything, cough cough)

  • Carbs for lunch (wholegrain, fish, cheese..etc)

  • If you are a bit down due to the amount of food you ingested during Christmas, well, DIET and EXERCISE. Eat healthy is my key and resolution for 2018. We have just one body, and we want to live longer, why don´t start from there? I promise you, that it will make you HAPPIER:

  • Also, remeber that in 28 days is Pancakes Day

  • That days are getting longer again

  • We have 47 days for the spring season

  • 16 blue blood MOON

  • And remember that WINTER is beautiful

And REMEMBER always that you are AMAZING


Info collected by: runnersworlduk, 

Marina Martinez Sanchez